On this page you will find a list of the uniforms, clothing, equipment and blank-adapted weapons that we used to complete our impression of a WWII German infantry soldier. The explanation after each item is our unit's guide lines for uniforms and equipment that we wear/use at battle reenactments and public displays.

Upon confirmation of unit membership, the recruit has 6 months to acquire these items.

Within 18 months of confirmation of unit membership, each member is required to have these items
in addition to the items listed in 6 months.

* and/or

(Feldbluse) M-36, M-40, M-42, or M-43 types are allowed. Original and reproductions (must be approved
prior to use). Pebbled tunic buttons can be original and/or reproductions painted green/gray.

Trousers: (Rudbundhosen) M-41, M-43, or M-42 types are allowed. Swedish conversion, and reproductions (must be approved prior to use). This item is too rare to allow originals to be worn in the field. Swedish trousers are available in two models that we can use, straight leg or tapered at the at the ankle with a drawstring. No exterior pockets.

Undershirt: (Unterhemd) M-33, M-41, or M-42 types. Swiss gray cotton, and/or black or white European tank top shirts may also be worn. Army sport shirts with insignia is allowed on white tank top shirt.

Fieldcaps: (Feldmutze) (Einheitsfeldmutze) Army type (field gray) M-34, M-42, or M-43 (double button front type), buttons should be painted green gray. Original or approved reproduction. One of these caps is required.

Smocks: Original or approved reproduction. Foliage loops on type smocks only. Check with the unit's authenticity officer for approved camouflage patterns before you obtain one.

Overcoat* : (Mantel) Original, Swedish conversion, or approved reproduction. Swedish overcoat must have the alterations to the seam on the bottom, wool rear waist gather, and buttons completed. Only shoulderboards and sleeve rank insignia are allowed on the overcoat.

Winter Reversible Uniform* : Reversible to white, two piece set in camouflage or mouse gray. Original or approved reproduction.

Sweater: (Schlupjacke) Closed neck or “V” neck type M-36 or M-42. Knit wool in charcoal gray. Original, West German, or approved period type.

Toque* : (Ohren Schutzer) Knit wool in charcoal gray (gray only). Original, West German, or approved reproduction.

Scarf* : Knit wool in charcoal gray with black stripe at the end. Original, West German, or approved reproduction.

Gloves: (Handschuhle) Knit wool in charcoal gray, five finger or mitten types. Original, West German, or approved reproduction.

Helmet Covers: Original or approved reproduction. Five section camo, army type only. Draw string type is allowed. Check with the unit’s Authenticity Officer for approved camouflage patterns before obtaining one.

Helmet: (Stahlhelm) M-35, M-40, M-42. Original or approved type reproduction. Correct type black leather chinstraps only. Helmets are to be painted in fieldgray. Decals must be approved prior to their application to the helmet.

Boots: (Stiefel) Jackboots or ankle type with gaiters (Gamaschen). Originals, or West German jackboots. With leather soles, hobnails, heal irons, and toe cleats. Check with other unit members for the best sources.

Belt: (Koppel) Black leather (horsehide) belt with metal buckle keeper. Original, modified West German with original keeper,
or heavy quality reproduction. Tropical belts can be worn in the field only.

Buckle: (Koppelschloss) Standard army buckle. Original or strong quality reproduction in bare metal or painted in either
silver or gray/green.

Breadbag: (Brotbeutel) Gray or green canvas with leather or web straps on flap. Original, West German, or reproduction.

Bayonet: (Seitengewehr) Original German K-98 bayonet with scabbard. Wood or Bakelite grips.
No other types are approved.

Bayonet Frog: (Seitengewehrtasche) Original or approved reproduction. Standard or cavalry (with retaining strap) types
in black leather or tropical web.

Canteen & Cup: (Feldflasche und Trinkbecher) Original or early Bundeswehr with web or black leather straps. Cover in wool/ felt, metal cup painted in gray/green or black. The black plastic cup is also authorized in place of the metal type.

“Y” Straps: (Koppel Trager) Original or approved reproduction, in web or black leather. The five leg combat “Y” strap with
D-rings for suspending the A-frame is the only type for wear by enlisted personnel. The three leg type is for wear by officers only.

E-Tool: (Schanzzeug) Original, Dutch folding type, or Swiss spade type. Metal section is to be painted in semi-gloss black or charcoal gray with the wood handle left unpainted.

E-Tool Carrier: Original or approved reproduction. Black leather or tropical web. No post war odd types; Dutch or Bundeswehr web carriers.

Mess Kit: (Kochgeschirr) Original or pre-56 type Bundeswehr. The short height lid only. Do not use the inner third tray tin if you use the Bundeswehr type, discard it. The mess tin should be painted in gray/green or black. It must also have the correct strap in leather or web (original or reproduction). Original or Bundeswehr utensils in four or two piece type is to be used with this item.

Gasmask Canister: (Gasmaske) Original or early type Bundeswehr. No Luftshutz or Spanish type canisters allowed. If you use the Bundeswehr type, remove the canvas cover if it has not already been done. The canister must be painted gray/green.

A-Frame: (Gefechtsgepack) Original or quality reproduction. Continental or tropical, with correct straps and metal fittings.

A-Frame Bag: (Gefechtsgepack-Beutal) Original or approved reproduction. This is used for personal implements and attaches to the A-frame.

D-Rings: (Aufschiebeschlaufen) Original or approved reproduction. Black leather beltloop with square or D shaped metal ring. Used in hanging of extra gear or a belt-link for the “Y” straps. This item is required for the MG 34/42 gunner and his assistant.

Flashlight: Original or Bundeswehr. Must be painted gray/green or black.

Zeltbahns: Original or approved reproduction. Issued and used as a waterproof cape. It can also be used in combination with 3 other zeltbahns to form a 2 man tent.

Weapons & Related Equipment

K 98 (Mauser) Rifle: Standard WW II issue K 98 or K 98k.
Check with other unit member on where to purchase this item.

G 43/K 43 Semiautomatic Rifle: Standard wartime issue G 43 or K 43. Blank adapting is necessary on this weapon. Only two of these weapons are allowed per each ten unit members (this is to keep all accurate proportion in the unit
and to be historically correct).

Pistols (Luger P 08 or Walther P 38): Pistols may only be carried by a MG crews, senior NCOs or medics. The pistol type must be what was issued for these individuals. Check with the unit’s Authenticity Officer for more details.

Pistol Holsters: Original or approved reproduction.

MP 38/40 Machine Pistol: This is a rental item at CHG events. Check with the Unit Leader for more information.

MG 34/42: This is a rental item at CHG events. Check with the Unit Leader for more information.

K 98 Pouches: Original, black leather three section pouches with sewn or riveted straps. There are many manufacturing variations, so be certain that the pair you purchase is a matched set. You will also need at least twelve stripper clips to hold sixty rounds of ammo to fill these pouches.

G 43/K 43 Pouches: Reproduction, leather or canvas two section pouch. Each pouch holds (two) 10 round magazines.

MP 38/40 Pouches: Original or approved reproduction. Black leather fittings on a green or tan canvas body with a small extra pouch for the magazine loader on the left side. Each side holds three magazines (32 rounds per magazine).

MG Gunner Belt Pouch: Original or approved reproduction. Black or tan leather pouch without the original contents. The pouch is used for extra starter tabs, small can of “break-free” lubricant, shell casing extractor, and other small items useful in keeping the blank adapted MG functioning well in the field.

Grenades: Two types are available for use, the stick grenade or egg grenade. These non-explosive, rubber grenades must be approved for use by the CHG Safety Officer. Check with unit members for more information on where to purchase these items.

Panzerfaust/Panzerschreck: These inert/rubber replica weapons may be issued to you in the field (only after proper training and passing of a test on the rules and safety for firing & target selection).
























































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