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The world has had many armed conflicts in it's past but, none as significant as the events of World
War II. More men were under arms than ever before in history. The world as we now know it was affected and changed by this conflict.
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Now, some decades later, the 21st Panzer Division was formed to remember those men who fought in that war and to preserve the uniforms, equipment, weapons, and even the vehicles of that era. Militaria collectors, history buffs, students, military vehicles owners, teachers, businessmen, and even active duty military personnel fill our ranks as unit members. Our purpose is to relive(as close as possible), and to keep alive the traditions and memories of the combat soldier of WW II.
The 21st Panzer Division requires three things of our members; Safety, Authenticity, and a strictly Nonpolitical orientation. Our goal is to educate the public to the importance of preserving artifacts of the era, to sponsor the growth, development, and understanding of reenacting as a highly rewarding, enriching, and educational interest.
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The 21st Panzer Division reenactment unit is based in Southern California and is an active member of the California Historical Group. Our unit members come from all over the West to participate in public events and battle reenactments. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us for more information.
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Dale Landers
(619) 286-3444


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