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WW II Reenactment Sites

2nd Fallschirmjager (CHG)
An excellent CHG unit with a great impression.
11th Panzer
A fully motorized WW II German reenacting unit
based out of Northern Virginia.
This German reenactment group is a member of the HRS.
They have close to 300 member world wide.
1./G.J.R. 98 is a living history organization dedicated towards
understanding the Wehrmacht, the Soldiers of the Wehrmacht
and WWII in general by reliving that period of history.
45th Infanterie Division
"Members of the Old Fort Mifflin Historical Society" based in
the Greater Philadelphia, Eastern PA, Southern NJ Area.
12th SS
Portraying Waffen SS Panzer Grenadiers of 'Hitlerjugend'
Kompanie 1 - Bataillon 1 - Panzer Grenadier Regiment 25 -
12th SS Panzer Division.
1st Canadian
A Coy, 1st Can Para is a group of living history
reenactors based in Atlantic Canada.


Places to Buy

At the Front
High-Quality Reproduction and Original WW II
Combat Equipment and Militaria.
Soldat FHQ
German WW II Museum Quality Replicas,
Books and a lot of cool stuff.
Lost Battalions
World War II Original & Reproduction
Camouflage, Uniforms, Equipment & more.
Bill Bureau's

German World War II Original & Reproduction,
Uniforms & Equipment.


Provides the collector and reenactor with quality WWII military
collectibles and rare examples of 19th Century Photography.

WWII German and Russian military
collectables and reproductions.
An International Auction House.
The ultimate source for collectibles,
militaria and much more.
Military awards, medals, badges and insignia.
We hand craft museum quality, full size reproductions
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WW II Related Sites

German Armed Forces
The premier website on the military history
of the German Armed Forces and European
Axis Allies from 1933-1945.
Otto's Photo Diary

A soldier who fought on the eastern front during World War II.
He was in a Panzer Jaeger Battalion.
Interesting photos!

The ultimate site for German U-boats on the web!

Third Reich Factbook
An apolitical site dedicated to the history of the
Third Reich, the NSDAP and Germany's allies.
German Awards & Decoratons

This website features articles and photographs of the decorations
received by
the men of the Wehrmacht in the years prior to
and during World War II.

Achtung Panzer!

This website is dedicated to the history of tanks and people
of the Panzertruppe during World War II.

West Point Academy
Military maps here are the digital versions from the atlases
printed by the United States Defense Printing Agency.






























































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